Hi babe! If you are reading this, you are a lash artist building your dream career and either struggling with something or just desperately looking for more knowledge!

Either way, I have been there and I’m only ahead of you by a few. I could tell you my journey but Id take too long, let’s just say it wasn’t easy! It never is, and what I’m sure we have in common is we are ready to face the difficulties, to strive to be better and to get what we want! Simply because we love what we do.

If you don’t know me… I’m Alena Rivière, founder of Rivière Lash & Brow Design Studio, master lash artist and award-winning lash expert. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and growing the community of talented and inspired artists. Wether you are a beginner struggling with gaining clients or a professional seeking opportunities to grow my course will be fully customized to you and YOUR GOALS.

If you are not sure if you should train with me, Ive taken many classes (20+) from the world leading lash trainers like Deseyener, LashMakers, LBLA in USA, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. And I’m a winner of International Championships… PSSTTT….. 6 times:

- 1st place in “Classic”, 2nd place in “3D Volume”, 1st place in “Kim K look” (NYC Volume Lash Cup in 2019)
- 1st place in “Perfect line technique” (International Lash Masters Competition in 2020)
- 2nd place in “Kim K look”, 3rd place in “Classic” (The Beauty Factor 2022)

Not only I will train you lashes , I will mentor you to succeed, guide you to level up your business skills and I will do my best to inspire you to create true art!

Still thinking about taking my class? Follow me on IG to get to know me, to find tips & tricks and to DM we with any questions: @riviere_lash_art

XOXO, Alena Riviere

Eyelash Extensions Trainings

Our trainings cover:
⚡️Fan making techniques •Russian Volume and Mega Volume•
⚡️Perfect fan in 1 sec
⚡️Eye styling •lash maps for any eye shapes•
⚡️Mixing curls •Why we need L & M curls?•
⚡️Working with asymmetry
⚡️Layering •Perfect Line Technique•
⚡️Smooth Transition
⚡️Inner & Outer corners •what 100% coverage actually means•
⚡️Understanding adhesives •Retention secrets•
⚡️Lash facts & myths •Troubleshooting•
⚡️Kim K style
⚡️Textured style
⚡️Tips to speed up your work
⚡️Marketing & Business tips
⚡️Lash photography •Build your portfolio•

What’s included:
Volume lash kit
Certificate of completion
1 year of ongoing support

📲 To enroll email rivierelashstudio@gmail.com
**In order to take part in this course, you will need to provide proof of experience/ state licensing.
You will also fill out a small questionnaire before the class to determine your level of experience